Innovation - SAIVER

Innovation by Tradition

Worker operating on an Air Handling Unit

In 60 years of history, Saiver has always pushed to innovate itself and its products. Its AHUs stand out because they have always been the expression of a cutting-edge company.

Saiver brings on a process of innovation within the company since its foundation, through a continuous evolution of its image and attention to company policies.

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Saiver has always applied new methods to production which were later adopted by the main manufacturers, becoming standards for the world industry.

Profili in lega di alluminio e magnesio delle unità di trattamento aria SAIVER

Aluminum and magnesium alloy profile in use

Specifically, one of these methods is the use of metal "sandwich" panels injected with polyurethane foam, which made it possible to obtain the highest conditions of thermal resistance, and the frame in aluminum and magnesium alloy profile, which made it possible to obtain lighter and more resistant machines.

Environmental Awareness

Solar panels installed on the production site rooftp in 2010

The curve of research for innovation has never stopped and the attention shifted to the quality of the air produced and the care for the environment.

Icona pannello solare

1.700.000 kWh

energy with zero emissions

Icona riduzione CO2

- 748.000 kg

CO2 saved

Icona unità di trattamento aria

18.000 AHU

produced with zero emissions

Saiver is among the first companies that decided to invest in clean energy by turning electricity consumption to an alternative source using solar energy. Today all the production of air treatment units is made with clean energy without impacting the climate.

In Step with the Times

UVGI lamps with germicidal properties in an AHU

After the first epidemic of the SARS virus, a research project was launched aimed at solutions to avoid the formation of the bacterial and viral flora inside the machines, thus avoiding spreading it in the environment. Two very important projects have been carried out in recent years and today we can proudly say that Saiver’s AHUs can guarantee 99% clean, bacteria-free and virus-free air.